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What is a Penalty Shootout? How to play and tips for winning! Настройки
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Penalty Bet - What is it?

Penalty Bet, also known as the 11-meter bet, is the final betting option in a match where the scores of both teams are tied. The Penalty Bet serves the purpose of determining the winner between the two teams.

Specifically, the two teams take turns shooting from the 11-meter mark with 5 attempts each, and if there is an immediate outcome, there is no need for additional shots. However, if after 5 attempts the scores of both teams are still tied, each team will take an additional shot until a winner is determined.

Handicap Penalty betting and Over/Under Penalty betting involve predicting which team will win and the total number of penalty kicks taken in the match.

To secure a victory, understanding how to calculate Penalty odds in betting and having betting experience in placing Penalty bets are essential for success.

How to bet on Penalty odds

When exploring Penalty bets, it's crucial to understand how Penalty odds are calculated.

As mentioned earlier, Penalty bets include Handicap Penalty betting and Over/Under Penalty betting. Typically, Handicap betting involves an even match, with the stronger team having lower odds of winning.

In Over/Under betting, it considers 7 goals out of a total of 10 penalty kicks taken by both teams. Bettors need to select the winning team and predict whether the total Penalty outcomes will be Over or Under.

In reality, with a total of 10 goals in the shootout, a 2-goal difference in the Penalty scores means the match will end. If gamers place their bets correctly, they secure a victory.

However, betting on Over/Under Penalty is often not straightforward because penalty shootouts usually occur between evenly matched teams, and the outcome often relies on luck.

Due to this reason, although there is a large number of participants in Penalty betting, not everyone emerges victorious.

In Penalty bets, there are usually different odds offered. Here are some common Penalty bet types:

  • Betting on the score of the penalty shootout.

  • Predicting which team will take the last penalty kick.

  • Predicting which team will win in the penalty shootout.

  • Predicting the successful penalty kicks from both teams.

  • Over/Under betting on the total number of goals.

Calculating Penalty odds

This is a question that many betting enthusiasts are interested in when participating in football betting. In reality, not every football match features this type of betting. According to the bookmakers' rules, gamblers predict the number of goals that a team will successfully score, based on the odds set by the bookmaker.

For example, if the bookmaker sets the number at 4, you will predict either Over or Under. If the total number of goals scored is over 4, it means the Over win tips bet. On the other hand, if the total is under 4, it means the Under bet wins. Similarly, if the result is exactly 4, it results in a draw.

In general, this calculation method is not overly complex and is relatively simple, even for those new to betting.

Some regulations set by bookmakers for Penalty bets

According to the regulations set by the bookmaker, Penalty bets will be determined by the referee's declaration.

All decisions made by the main referee serve as the basis for determining the outcome between the two teams and the total number of goals for each team.

This helps eliminate any unnecessary disputes. The referee's judgment becomes the foundation for calculating Over/Under bets.

Therefore, the first and most important thing for betting enthusiasts is to understand how the bookmaker sets the odds to avoid unjustified losses.

Tips for betting on Penalty compiled from experienced players

Here is a compilation of effective Penalty betting home win tips gathered from various experienced players. Take note of these experiences to enhance your chances of winning.

Research information on both teams

Regardless of the chosen bet, gamers still need to analyze information about both teams, especially regarding the strength and recent form of each team. For Penalty bets, pay attention to the penalty shootout technique of the players. It is advisable to research these aspects before the match takes place.

After gathering information, analyze to identify players with a strong mentality and good penalty-shooting abilities. Rely on the history of previous matches and observe carefully. After synthesizing all the information, you will know which team to bet on for a potential victory.

Typically, in major matches, the outcome is often determined by penalty shootouts. Use this information to select the most promising team when placing your bets.

Place a bet as soon as the first free-kick is awarded

If you've mastered how to play the Penalty bet, it's best to wait until after the first round of penalty kicks before placing your bet. Whether the initial kick is successful or not, it will have an impact on the players' mentality on the field. Smaller teams often have less stable psychology compared to larger teams, making them more prone to mistakes in the first round.

Choose the appropriate Penalty bet

The Penalty betting category offers various forms of play. To secure a victory, choose a bet that suits yourself and thoroughly understand the rules and regulations of that particular bet. If you don't grasp the rules and hastily engage in betting, you are likely to make many wrong decisions.

Learn about the goalkeeper's penalty-saving skills

The goalkeeper's penalty-saving ability is a decisive factor in determining the outcome of the match for both teams and for bettors as well. Most goalkeepers at the club level exhibit good shot-stopping form. However, there are still many experienced goalkeepers with better judgment and shot-stopping abilities.

A piece of advice before engaging in Penalty betting is to carefully observe and gather information about the main goalkeepers for both teams. If the goalkeeper is renowned and has a history of successful penalty saves, there is a high likelihood that the match outcome will be Under.

The article on clevertips has compiled information related to Penalty betting, including how to play, the bookmaker's odds calculation, betting instructions, and effective Penalty betting tips. We hope that our shares will be helpful for you in the betting process and contribute to your early success with this type of bet.


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