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Corner Kick Betting - How to Bet and Win Money Настройки
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How do you play corner kick bets, and what are the appropriate and effective odds when betting on football matches?
To make football matches more exciting, bookmakers have introduced various side bets, including corner kick bets. Thanks to these corner kick bets, corner kicks become more meaningful when watching matches. Players can potentially earn money from bookmakers if their bets are successful.
So, how do you bet on this type of bet? What are the skills to make money from it? Let's explore this interesting article below.
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Basic Knowledge When Playing Corner Kick Bets
+Corner Kick Bet Concept
Corner kick bets, also known as Connors, are a popular and chosen side bet by many enthusiasts.
In this type of bet, players wager on the total number of corner kicks by both teams in the first half or throughout the entire match.
If the result matches the outcome of the match, players win money.
This bet is divided into various types.
+1st Half Connors Bet
This bet only considers corner kicks in the first half of the match. Players bet on the total number of corner kicks by both teams in the first 45 minutes of play.
+1st Half First Connors Bet
In this bet, players predict and place bets on which team will have the first corner kick in the first 45 minutes of the match.
If it matches the match's outcome, players win money; otherwise, they lose their bets.
+1st Half Last Connors Bet
Similar to the previous bet, players wager on which team will have the last corner kick in the first 45 minutes of play. This bet can also be applied to the entire match.
+Full Match Connors Bet
For a full match bet, several possibilities exist:
Over/Under: Players bet on the total number of corner kicks in the match. "Over" means more than the bookmaker's odds, "Under" means fewer, and "Draw" means equal to the bookmaker's odds.
Handicap Bet: Players wager on the corner kick handicap between the two teams. The stronger team will give a certain handicap to the weaker team. This results in a corner kick handicap for the match.
**Even Odd: Players also bet on whether the total number of corner kicks will be even or odd in the match. If the result matches, players win money based on the chosen odds and initial investment.
1X2: In this case, players bet on which team will have more corner kicks than the other team. Where 1 represents a bet on the home team having more corner kicks, 2 represents a bet on the away team having more corner kicks, and X represents both teams having an equal number of corner kicks.
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Effective Corner Kick Betting Tips
To accurately analyze corner kick bets, the following tips are essential:
Analyze the Key Factors of Both Teams:
Regardless of the type of bet you're playing, the first thing you need is skills—skills in analysis, research, and prediction. You should understand the capabilities of the teams participating in the match, including their playing style, tactics, competitiveness, offensive and defensive qualities.
By doing this, you can make the most accurate assessments of the match's developments. Typically, teams with strong attacking capabilities tend to have a wider variety of corner kicks.
Choose the Right Timing to Place Bets:
The start of the match is often a good time to begin betting. During this period, players are fresh, and the game is usually more intense, with frequent attacks on the opponent's goal.
Normally, the initial odds favor the stronger team. If you decide to bet on the team that has fewer corner kicks, the team in need of goals is more likely to earn more corner kicks, especially during the final minutes of the match.
Matches with few goals in the first half often become livelier in the second half, leading to an increase in the corner kick count.
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While corner kick bets are considered side bets, the odds in the betting market are quite attractive. To play corner kick bets effectively, choose a bookmaker with high payout rates and pay attention to sports betting rebates. When you're betting significant amounts, receiving a substantial rebate can make a difference.


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